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Clip Art Geburtstag - Holiday pictures are pictures that represent unforgettable events and special days differentiated by different cultures each year. You can use this clip art as a background decoration for web pages, greeting cards, and party invites.

An extensive and excellent selection of colorful clip art tailor made for national and international holidays is available on the clip art website. Can you choose between a USA flag, a rocket, and? United We Stand? declaration for Independence Day; the image of the flag with this patriotic, "Remember our hero? picture and a woman crying over the grave for Memorial Day and patriotic day, and flag, hawks and stars with? Made in USA? statement for Labor Day.

You can also find cliparts for secular holidays, such as the Irish border, shamrock, sheep and bullets for St. Louis Day. Patrick; sailing ship for Columbus Day; saguaro cactus and colored sombreros for Cinco de Mayo; and guinea pigs in different scenes for Groundhog Day.

You can also search for clip art for Christian holidays. These include scenes of birth scenes, Christmas wreaths, Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus, wildebeest, elves, pines, stars, and Christmas presents. There are pictures of Jesus Christ, Mary, saints, bible, crosses and churches corresponding to Lent. Bunnies in baskets, flowers, lambs and Easter eggs are perfect clip art pictures for Easter.

There is also the clip art of the menorah parties and stars of David in various colors and designs for the Hanukkah Jewish festival. For Kwanzaa, there are pictures of candles, tribal boys and girls and a statement of social and spiritual principles.

Other popular cliparts for the holidays include ducks, hearts, blue birds singing, little red hearts reading the words "I love you" and a pair of kisses for Valentine's Day; wreaths for moms? day; wizards, ghosts, mummies, graves, and pumpkins for Halloween; and balloons, champagnes and bubbles, party hats, fireworks, and watches that lead at midnight for the New Year.

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